A unique 3 week growth process to bring you from challenge to
a spot- on solution and a clear detailed execution plan

The Journey

"Move in the right direction..."

Thanks to 'The Sprint' in less than 3 weeks we found the personas who really mattered to us, we gained clarity through data analysis on our acquisition and onboarding funnels and launched a detailed strategy,content and distribution plan. In the fast pace startups move accuracy, alignment and speed are key. 'The Sprint' got us to move forward in the right direction, together, fast.
Gili Lichtman
Co-Founder and CMO/ Fairfly

"Spot on, unique and creative"

"While in the sprint, I didn't always feel I can see the outcome. Though every time I committed to the process and engage with the session I ended up feelings the outcomes were spot on, unique, creative and are the most relevant to our growth challenges."
Assaf Eisenstein
Co-Founder and CRO / Lusha

"Align sales & marketing with business goals"

"Being a "techi" 'The Sprint' and its methodology made a lot of sense to me. ״ Within 2 weeks we aligned our sales and marketing challenges with our business goals, found the fastest path to growth and got a detailed plan, a clear brand and the needed content to move forward."
Yoni Tserruya
Founder and CEO / SIMPLER